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  • ​​Realty Certified Pool Inspection: $150.00
  • Pool School ( 1-1/2 Hrs.): $125.00
  • One Time Pool Cleaning Starting at: $95.00
  • ​One Time Chemical Rebalancing Starting at: $95.00
  • ​One Time Filter Cleaning: $150.00
  • ​One Time Salt Cell Cleaning: $125.00
  • Green-To-Clean Algae Treatment Starting at: $350.00
  • Repair Diagnosis: $125.00 (included with repair) 

realty services

Need a Certified pool inspection, a pool school instructor, Repairs, or temporary service?

Oasis has NSPF Certified Pool Inspectors that can inspect your clients pool professionally and quickly. We understand the time constraints of the realty inspections and are able to work quickly with those restrictions.

Oasis also have NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operators that can give your clients a piece of mind about their new purchase, with a personal onsite Pool School instruction. The Pool School is free of charge to the customer if they decide to sign up for a monthly service package.

Oasis can customize a temporary cleaning service that can meet the needs of a house that's on the market. We also can perform a Green-To-Clean algae service or a one time cleaning to get your listing ready for showing.

If you have a pool that needs to be repaired, Oasis has specialists that are experienced to repair your system as quickly as possible. The diagnosis fee is always included with your repair. You will be given a written estimate and all of our work is guaranteed for 1 year. The longer the pool is down, the more your expenses will increase. Give us a call and we will get your clients pool running and ready for showing.